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Dashjoin Open Source & Cloud Native Low Code Development Platform

Dashjoin Angular and Java build junit-coverage

For anyone who is planning a development project, faces a tight schedule, needs to present results quickly, or has limited development resources available. Dashjoin taps into and integrates your existing data sources and allows you to intuitively browse, search, edit, and visualize your integrated information. Add business logic to enable users and automation to act on the information. Unlike other Low Code Development Platforms, Dashjoin offers a free open source version with a commercial PaaS and bases on a unique, linked-data inspired approach to scalable data integration.



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  1. Universal DB Frontend: Connect to any SQL or NoSQL database, browse, search, and edit its contents. Extend the schema on the fly.
  2. Query Editor: Automatically collect schema information that powers an intuitive graphical query editor.
  3. Layout Designer: Graphically customize the layout for different types found in the database. Leverage the query editor to include meaningful charts.
  4. Data Integration and Federation: Visually map external data sources to your model. Load the data into a warehouse or federate the source into a virtual linked-data graph.
  5. Processes: Seamlessly start and integrate REST services from the application and monitor progress.
  6. Cloud Deployment: Deploy the apps in your private cloud or book our PaaS service. All apps scale horizontally and support state of the art cloud stacks.
  7. Everything JSON: Dashjoin leverages popular JSON standards like JSON Schema and JSONata and for all aspects of the system
  8. Artificial Intelligence: Seamlessly incorporate large language models, image classification, translation, and entity reconciliation services in your App
  9. Open Source: Join the Dashjoin community and avoid vendor lock-in.